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The campaign to get the SPFL to Strip The Titles’ has thrown it’s weight behind the newly launched Scottish Football Supporters Association.

On the back of yesterday’s SPFL whitewash and attempt to treat paying punters as mugs the team at Strip The Titles are predicting success within a year.

Despite appearing to have pulled off another cover up Neil Doncaster and Ralph Topping seemed on the defensive yesterday as they announced the good news.

Claims that they couldn’t legally revisit the decade of cheating have been exposed as nonsense with the Nimmo Smith ruling carrying as much clout as a monthly newsletter of a Neighbourhood Watch committee.

Last week the SFSA introduced Henry McLeish as one of their directors with plans from another group to fund a Judicial Review underway.

Today Strip The Titles announced: “The SFSA have a wide manifesto, they are not a single issue group like Strip The Titles. What happened during the Dos/EBT years must be addressed and fans must be satisfied and confident that it can’t be repeated.

However we believe the best way to address that issue is by tackling the most important governance issues first. We are confident that we can get these titles stripped by the end of this season. The main problem for us was that when the titles were stripped from RCF(IL) the same people would still be in charge of the SFA, SPFL, and the clubs. That is not good enough therefore we have come to the following decision.

Strip The Titles” campaign will be mothballed after today but can be restarted with current plans ready to be put into action if the need arises. At present we don’t anticipate having to restart.”

Ladbrokes, Betfred, Mitre and Irn-Bru are among the biggest sponsors of the SPFL whose board members include Stewart Robertson, Ann Budge, Les Gray and Neil Doncaster.

CLICK HERE to visit Strip the Titles website.

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