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Shameless BBC Scotland

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BBC Scotland’s attempts to keep the club from Ibrox relevant continue today with a trip to Amsterdam to interview Ronald de Boer about his ‘Old Firm’ memories.

De Boer completed the amazing transfer from Barcelona to Rangers (IL) 17 years ago and turned down the chance to go to Manchester United to fulfil his Ibrox dream.

With the Discount Option Scheme now out in the open the real reason for that decision is easier to understand, de Boer and Tore Andre Flo helped run up a tax bill of £2.8m which remains unpaid five years after the club went into liquidation.

Touching briefly on that uncomfortable fact de Boer told BBC Scotland: “You thought this was a never-ending story. Celtic and Rangers will always be together and no one gets those clubs down. And when this happened, it’s so sad. When you’re playing there for four years you know what it means for the fans and that’s something that’s very painful.

“I have a blue heart… it’s something that you always wear. You always hope that they do well, when you see them struggling so much, it hurts.”

Coming on the back of a similar whitewash with Michael Mols the mindset of Radio Scotland management isn’t hard to work out.

For two years now the state broadcaster has been involved in a phony war with the current Ibrox club who refused Chris McLaughlin normal media facilities.

Rather than invest their resources into finding out what Aberdeen, Hibs, St Johnstone and Hamilton Accies are doing right the state broadcaster seems to be wishing itself back into the early days of the century when they only had to shuffle along to Ibrox for easy and unchallenging copy from their good friend Dave Murray.

Today’s Sportsound programme on Radio Scotland features Alex McLeish as their studio guest.

In the real commercial world no Scottish radio station can justify the expense of sending a reporter to Kazakhstan to report on Celtic’s Champions League qualifier with Astana.

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