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The real reason Ronald de Boer joined Rangers (IL)

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In their latest indulgence into rewriting the history of Rangers (IL) BBC Scotland decided to send a crew over to Amsterdam to interview Ronald de Boer.

The injury jinxed Dutchman joined Rangers (IL) 17 years ago following a 6-2 defeat from Celtic that set off the panic bells within David Murray’s empire.

Without question that was the most important domestic result in at least 30 years but rather than use their vast resources to look at it’s implications the licence payer was treated to questions such as ‘Who was your best pal when you were at Rangers’.

De Boer’s mumblings hardly make for compelling listening as he droned over Champions League adventures with Ajax.

His decision to sign for Rangers (IL) in 2000 was an especially creative piece of fiction, it seems that no thought went in to questioning why anyone would quit Barcelona to move to Ibrox and turn down an offer to join Manchester United in the process.

Without having to pay a licence fee one twitter user was able to provide the real answer for that incredible decision.

Finishing on a message of hope de Boer tips the tribute act to win the SPFL title in season 2018/19.

Most Aberdeen fans will be laughing at that prediction, understandably the BBC didn’t wish to go into detail about which of Pedro Caixinha’s star signings are likely to be title winners.

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