Date: 9th September 2017 at 5:30pm
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After five years of wondering about whether the club hierarchy were as concerned about the honesty and integrity in the Scottish game Celtic fans were delighted by today’s statement.

It was much much more than a statement. It was the sort of transparency that terrifies the life out of Stewart Regan who would rather not have his coals raked. With skeletons in every filing cabinet the SFA chief executive has much to be worried about.

At various stages over the last few years there has been issues that have made Celtic fans blood boil.

Despite six consecutive titles there has been plenty of dubious decisions with the most recent being the awarding of a UEFA licence to the Sevco club despite various Financial Fair Play breaches.

Celtic’s official vow of silence has proved very testing with fans wondering about the motivations of the leadership.

Thursday’s leaked letter in The Times came by surprise and was more detailed than most fans could have imagined.

Today, at 12noon the details all came flooding out, justifying the club’s silence and shining a very uncomfortable light on Stewart Regan and his actions over the last six years.

If the former Yorkshire County Cricket chief had an ounce of self respect he’s quietly resign and let his successor take over.

With no future employment prospects and no real supporters among the football community Regan is going to leave in shame- hopefully without the sort of pay off that was made to Jim Farry for his crimes against football.