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Celtic fans anger at Chick Young

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Celtic fans turned their anger on Chick Young as Radio Scotland finally encountered the subject that they have been avoiding for years.

With SFA spin-Meister Darryl Broadfoot recently recruited to their ever expanding pool of pundits discussion about a decade plus of cheating confirmed by the Supreme Court has been out of bounds.

Fees have been paid to Barry Ferguson, Alex Rae and Steven Thompson with no one prepared to ask questions beyond the utterly unconvincing claim that they would all have signed even without the ‘tax free’ side contract.

With the gloves now off Young took the incredible line that the SFA had given Celtic permission to publish the letters between Peter Lawwell and Stewart Regan!

Regan and his apologist Broadfoot have been noticeably quiet today.

Their decision to release the letter of 25 May 2012 has backfired spectacularly, the issue is now more out in the open much more than it was a week ago.

The genie is out the lamp with Regan and his Radio Scotland cheerleaders and apologists unable to do anything to prevent justice finally visiting the guilty men.

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