Date: 14th September 2017 at 12:05pm
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The SFA were given notice in 2009 of the tax case that would send Rangers into liquidation.

While Stewart Regan digs in to avoid an investigation into the SFAs role in the downfall of the club more information is emerging online on a daily basis.

The Rangers Tax Case has been ahead of the curve since surfacing in 2010 with damning new evidence emerging of how the SFA failed to act to red warning flags.

According to RTC a Schedule 36 warning was served on the SFA by HMRC on 3 July 2009.

Schedule 36 provides HMRC with wide ranging powers to investigate areas of a club with the SFA holding contracts for players at Ibrox.

Incredibly the SFA raised no questions about the £8,600/week contract that Barry Ferguson signed in 2006 when he returned to Rangers (IL) from Blackburn Rovers.

Perhaps a guaranteed ‘tax free’ EBT of £2,633,000 helped him make his decision?.

The Schedule 36 was issued on the back of the Metropolitan Police raiding Ibrox in 2007 while they were investigating Portsmouth and Newcastle.

With all those warnings the SFA didn’t just do nothing- they assisted the club from Ibrox to the cost of every club in Scotland.

After years of denial Regan has finally admitted that there is a problem with the 2011 UEFA licence issued to Rangers.

The wee tax bill relating to secret payments made to Ronald de Boer and Tore Andre Flo had been served and was overdue.

As ever the SFA hoped, as had happened in previous years, that next season’s Champions League money would pay off last years bills.

Unfortunately Ally McCoist mucked up in Malmo and the house of cards came tumbling down.

Had the SFA applied UEFA rules HMRC would have got their £2.8m which would have pleased the patron of the the SFA.

If Rangers hadn’t paid HMRC, Celtic would have entered the Champions League qualifiers giving SPL clubs a fighting chance of £200,000 payments.

The SFA actions cost clubs money.

As he goes on his media charm offensives you won’t hear a word from Regan about Section 36, a bit like references to SFA Congress member Andrew Dickson.

The Schedule 36 notice was served while Gordon Smith was chief executive of the SFA but Regan inherited the issue with the salary and perks when he took up office.

Every week new issues of SFA governance failure will emerge- how far this damages his future employment prospects is dependent on how much brass neck Regan has.

There is no sign of anyone from Hibs or Aberdeen taking the former Yorkshire Cricket chief aside and telling him that it’s time to move on for the good of Scottish football.

Rather than moving on more burning coals are going to emerge that Darryl will never be able to douse out.