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SFA call for fresh review of 2011 Rangers UEFA licence

Image for SFA call for fresh review of 2011 Rangers UEFA licence

The SFA have finally admitted that they may have been wrong to grant Rangers (IL) a licence to play in UEFA competition in season 2011/12.

For six years the SFA have backed off from answering questions on the matter despite a welter of evidence proving that a £2.8m tax bill was overdue and unpaid on 30 June 2011.

A group of Celtic shareholders have put together the evidence relating to the licence dates of 30 March and 30 June with the documentation contradicting Stewart Regan’s claim that the bill hadn’t crystallised.

The bill originated from the side contracts paid to Tore Andre Flo and Ronald de Boer which denied the Inland Revenue of £2.8m with the payments not disclosed to the SFA and SPL.

Had the SFA operated the licence properly either HMRC would have been paid their £2.8m or Celtic would have been promoted into the Champions League qualifiers.

New boss Ally McCoist led Rangers to defeats from Malmo in the Champions League and Maribor in the Europa League qualifiers in August 2011 with the club put into administration followed by liquidation with a year of those defeats.

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