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SFA reject calls for Judicial Review

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The SFA have rejected calls from the SPFL and Celtic to hold a Judicial Review into their actions over the last six years involving clubs from Ibrox.

An article in The Times this morning revealed that Celtic’s request hadn’t received a reply despite being penned two months ago.

Today the SFA have written a letter to their member clubs explaining that they a review over the last six years would ’cause further damage by raking over the coals!’


The letter was leaked to the BBC who have recently recruited Darryl Broadfoot as a pundit.

Today’s developments throw down the gauntlet to Celtic to take further action with UEFA copied in on the initial correspondence.

Having dragged out the issue for over six years and applying the ‘no appetite for justice’ line the SFA have made it obvious that there is a different set of rules for clubs from Ibrox compared to Albion Rovers, Dundee United and Dunfermline.

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