Date: 12th October 2017 at 5:10pm
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’s legal team have pleaded with the Court of Session to spare their client a jail sentence.

Almost three years after purchasing shares in Sevco in a concert party action with the three bears the South African based criminal could be facing his day of reckoning.

The evidence is stacking up against King who once paid over £40m to stay out of jail in South Africa.

Despite email records showing correspondence between King, the three bears and the Rangers Supporters Trust the son of a policeman from Castlemilk initially denied that he was working with the other investors.

King later claimed that he had no involvement in the purchase which was made through New Oasis Asset Limited although the Sevco website explains that NOAL is managed by the King family.

Today in the Court of Session in Edinburgh King’s representatives firstly revealed that their client didn’t have the funds to comply with the Takeover Appeal Board then added that not many shareholders would be interested in selling at the 20p price requested.

Lord Bannatyne appeared highly suspicious of King’s team with the case continuing tomorrow.