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Sports Direct launch Team Timmy Bear

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Sports Direct have released a new product aimed at Sevco fans- Team Timmy Bear.

Priced at just £9 the cute bear appears to have stitches in his forehead and right foot and comes kitted out in a ‘Rangers Football Club’ t-shirt. Timmy is also available in Newcastle and Portsmouth colours.

Timmy is of course a reference to Celtic fans with Tim Alloy rhyming slang for Bhoy one of the club nicknames.

Sports Direct and the Ibrox club have had an explosive relationship since being brought together by Charles Green.

With no retail deal in the summer of 2012 Sports Direct gave the club instant credibility and a high street presence.

As details of the contract were leaked fans groups urged supporters to boycott club merchandise with the current regime in charge coming to power vowing to get a new retail deal.

With Dave King facing the cold shoulder and other sanctions for acting as a concert party for the 2015 regime change Sports Direct cancelled their contract with the club who have still to announce their new retail partner.

CLICK HERE to order Team Timmy Bear.

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