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The Benfica farce

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Sevco’ glamour friendly with has decended into the sort of farce that has dogged the club during five eventful years.

News of the cancellation brought the usual ‘Club Statement’ where everyone else is blamed alongside a threat of legal action.

Despite the match being staged in Canada, Sevco decided to blame for the cancellation and pointed out how they had lost 5-0 to in the Champions League

Benfica’s deal would have been with the agent or promoter for the match, if they had any concerns they are within their rights to pull out while the match agent could look for another opponent to ensure that a match went ahead.

The club stated: “The Eusebio Cup scheduled to be held with Glasgow was not possible because of a breach of the contractual commitments established by Soccer Entertainment, who promoted this game, within the terms and deadlines set.”

While Sevco threaten with legal action it seems that the real issue is with Soccer Management.

Less than 2,000 tickets had been sold for Friday’s match whivj probably resulted in the organisers deciding to cut their losses rather than having to shell out for flights, hotels and match fees.

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