Date: 12th October 2017 at 12:05pm
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Tommy Wright has hit back at paranoid Pedro Caixinha.

The fifth best coach in Qatar certainly knows how to rub folk up the wrong way with the St Johnstone boss joining Derek McInnes in getting fed up with the third rate mind games of the Ibrox boss.

Last season Caixinha was happy to name his team in advance at media conferences and even predicted how Aberdeen would line up against the tribute act.

After comparing St Johnstone to Morton Caixinha claimed that St Johnstone had a mole inside Ibrox who revealed the Sevco team with Wright changing his training routine to deal with Miles Beerman and David Bates.

Sevco won the meaningless game at the end of last season with Caixinha joining fans for selfies despite finishing nine points behind Aberdeen in the race for second place.

Responding to the bizarre claims from Ibrox Wright told The Scotsman: “What he’s talking about in terms of us getting his team last season is just someone that’s paranoid.

I didn’t get his team last season. We didn’t change our training regime, we didn’t sit about waiting for them to finish training to get the team. It just didn’t happen so I now know what fake news means.”

BT Sport will show the St Johnstone v Sevco match on Friday night.