Date: 22nd November 2017 at 6:16am
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Details of a blockbuster book by Craig Whyte have been leaked online.

Extensive details of the book, titled True Blue Treachery, appeared yesterday on the John James website including a sample chapter.

A pitch for the book running to 35 pages has been sent to three publishers with highlights of the full content including:

• What outgoing owner David Murray hid from the new investors
• How Craig’s attempts to get the club on an even keel were thwarted
• Who stood to gain from Rangers going into administration
• His dismay at the antics of his footballers – on and off the field
• How Rangers are still very much under Masonic influence
• How Scotland’s First Minister offered to help Rangers in their £50 million tax battle with HMRC
• How the DUP – now major players in the UK government – tried to get Craig a seat in the House of Lords
• How one Scottish Premiership side offered to throw a match for money

Despite the demise of Rangers (IL) in 2012 only one book has been published on the collapse of the club with publishers sensitive to the delusions of the gullible who’d rather avoid the details of how the supporters failed to save their cherished institution from the mortuary.

‘Downfall: How Rangers FC Self Destructed’ by Phil MacGiolla Bhain gave the inside story on how ruinous tax schemes brought the club to it’s knees and made them toxic to any prospective buyer.

Whyte’s book will go inside the story to reveal what the former billionaire inherited when he tossed a pound coin in the direction of Dave Murray.

In June Whyte was cleared of fraudulenty obtaining the club which was placed in administration in February 2012 followed four months later by BDO being called in deal with the liquidation with creditors still waiting a pay out from the ashes.