Date: 9th December 2017 at 9:42am
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Barry Ferguson was left deflated by Derek McInnes’ decision not to move to Sevco- and the humiliating statement that came out of Ibrox.

The former Rangers (IL) skipper was fully signed up to the campaign to ‘Bring Del Home’ secure in the knowledge that there would be a RRM in place who understood the club.

Unfortunately for Fergie McInnes does understand the club, he looked at the accounts, a glib and shameless liar as chairman and a boardroom pulling in half a dozen directions while leaking details happily.

The reality of the tribute act is too difficult for the RRM to grasp with the horrendous sight of Celtic racing towards 10-in-a-row casting a horrendous shadow over their every thought.

It was around about 6pm on Thursday when I heard the news and I was surprised,” Ferguson told the Daily Record. “I thought, as most people did, Derek would be announced as the new manager.

Nothing is ever certain in football but I was sure it was going to happen as the timeline was all pointing one way. Rangers made their approach on Tuesday, Derek and his assistant Tony Docherty missed training on the Wednesday and Thursday so it looked just a matter of time.

You can never say never in football. I’ve been in situations myself during contract talks when things have stalled but if I was a betting man I would have had my money on Derek being the new Rangers manager. You don’t get many opportunities to become the manager at Ibrox.”

Turning to the angry statement from Ibrox, Fergie who is no wordsmith himself, added: “It was only five paragraphs long but more than enough to stun me into silence.

When the news broke, a statement from the club was one of the big things I was looking out for. I wondered if they would come out with something but when it did, I had to read it a number of times on Thursday night to try to get my head around it.

Being brutally honest, I was taken aback by it. It just wasn’t Rangers Football Club and it didn’t come from the board.

The wording was astonishing, it was basically having a go at Derek for his decision not to accept their managerial post. The bottom line is it isn’t the conduct of the Rangers I know.”