Date: 21st December 2017 at 12:25pm
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The Sevco drama is set to take another twist on Friday.

Following the hearing on October 12 and 13 the Court of Session will announce their verdict on the case brought by the Takeover Appeal Board against Dave King.

It seems an open and shut case against the South African based criminal but as we’ve discovered over the last few years nothing can be discounted that forces those within Ibrox to act in the same way as the rest of society.

Three years ago King was about to complete his takeover of Sevco by buying up shares in collusion with three others that would deliver a voting block of 35% of available shares.

In normal circumstances an offer would be made to the remaining shareholders at the offer price but typical of King and the so-called three bears they weren’t prepared to obey city regulations.

An electronic paper trail showed that all of the buyers had been working with the Rangers Supporters Trust to hoover up the shares but despite overwhelming evidence King used a variety of excuses to deny his actions.

Now it appears that the son of a Castlemilk policeman is about to face the music.

Sanctions from the UK won’t bother King too much but it will have an impact on Sevco which probably explains the actions of Barry Scott and Alastair Johnston in recent weeks.

When King walks away after years of moonbeams it may dawn on some fans that the much disliked previous regime were perhaps on the right road to creating a club that lived within it’s means rather than attempting to topple a rival with three times the turnover and ten times the assets.