Exporting Scotland’s shame

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Scotland’s Shame have hit the headlines for exporting their songs of hate to Florida during Sevco’s friendly against Atletico Mineiro.

In 2006 UEFA instructed the SFA to ban singing of The Billy Boys after the Scottish authorities had ignored the song for decades.

Over the last two seasons the song has reappeared inside football grounds with the SFA, SPFL and Police Scotland refusing to take action as thousands celebrate their hatred of Catholics.

As usual the song was heard during the match with Atletico Mineiro without any media comment or criticism but this morning that changed when the Evening Times, Daily Record and The Sun reported on the You Tube coverage of the match.

It seems that the desire to build a digital audience has overtaken the need to keep relations sweet with the Ibrox powerbrokers.

Today’s stories originated from social media comments with no condemnation from inside Ibrox about fans exporting their hatred to Florida.

It’s unlikely that the local police will take action at tonight’s match with Corinthians but with social media watching the toxicity of the Ibrox brand continues to grow.

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