Date: 14th January 2018 at 9:41am
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Fabio Brazza has apologised for being drawn in to singing The Billy Boys at the .

The TV presenter put together a fan based clip for You Tube to capture a taste of the occasion.

As expected the visiting support were spreading the poisonous chants that has made the club toxic with Brazza drawn in as he asked for a chant that he could join in with.

The Florida Cup organisers are keen to engage through social media with fans quickly picking up on the anti-Catholic chants being promoted.

Brazza told The Sun: “I had no idea of the content of the chant. I ask them to teach me a chant, but I couldn’t understand what they were saying.

I feel very sad and betrayed that it happened, and that my image, and Florida Cup’s image is in it.

The purpose of the tournament is totally the opposite of the chanting. Our goal is to promote a great experience for all family and bring people from different culture’s together.

On my behalf and in Florida Cup’s name I am really sorry to what happened.”

Despite the criticism Sevco have refused to comment on the behaviour of their fans in Florida.

In 2006 UEFA instructed the SFA to ban singing of The Billy Boys despite the Scottish authorities ignoring the issue for decades.

After initially cutting it out over the last two years the song has been heard regularly at Sevco matches without any comment or actions from Police Scotland, the SFA or SPFL.