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Time to ditch Regan?

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could be the man to remove from office.

Shortly after Gordon Strachan’s contract wasn’t renewed the SFA Chief Executive turned to Mackay to take charge of a pointless friendly against Holland.

Incredibly on the day of that match Regan decided to promote himself on and decided that the caretaker was only to get one match in charge.

Mackay put his professional head on to complete his duties without responding to what was effectively a vote of no confidence from the guy that he had bailed out.

As Regan spoke to he could consider Michael O’Neill, Paul Lambert and as potential managers.

One by one they have all been ruled out of contention for the vacancy leaving Regan with the shortest of short lists.

Faced with the prospect of bringing in or it could be time for some bold thinking by the committee men at Hampden who’ll be looking forward to their end of season jolly to Peru and Mexico.

He may not be 100% PC but for the half a dozen dates on the calendar appointing Mackay to double up on his Performance Director role makes perfect sense.

The only obstacle is Regan. Faced with further embarrassment from the former Yorkshire cricket chief or bringing in a ready made boss surely the committed men of Hampden will finally do the right thing, ditch Regan and let another organisation ‘benefit’ from the experience of the man that predicted social unrest when were put into liquidation.

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