Date: 11th February 2018 at 8:05pm
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The appears to be in meltdown after it’s treatment of Liam Miller’s death on Friday night.

Shocked by his own employers crass and insensitive treatment of the news, chief football writer Keith Jackson chose to distance himself from the story causing offence.

Social media was disgusted by the reaction of the Glasgow based publisher which was totally at odds with the sensitive coverage available elsewhere.

With so many former team-mates from Celtic, Manchester United and Ireland expressing their sorrow online the story was presented on a plate to every news organisation.

Supporters and individuals were saddened at the death of a 36 year old sportsman who was in peak fitness with so much to live for.

The Record has a long history of badly misjudging stories that suggests there is something seriously wrong inside the organisation.

Whatever they do to try and make up for that misjudgement won’t be remembered as much as their immediate reaction to a real life tragedy.