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Dempster rules out Hampden move

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has ruled herself out of the running to become chief executive of the SFA.

Within 24 hours of Stewart Regan ‘resigning’ the chief was heavily linked with the job with very few alternatives.

director is in line to take over as President from Allan McRae and was behind the move to take Dempster from Motherwell to Easter Road.

With the SFA in chaos and awaiting the report from the Compliance Officer into the 2011 UEFA licence issued to Rangers (IL) it seems that the job of chief executive is as unappealing as the manager job that Michael O’Neill turned down.

Petrie, McRae and Ian Maxwell appear to be in charge of filling the vacancies but two weeks after Regan’ departure Dempster has ruled herself out of contention to take over at Hampden.

Speaking to The Scotsman she said: “It’ absolutely true that the job is one of the best, if not the best football job in Scotland, and any normal person who is linked with it wouldn’t be telling the truth if they never said they stopped and blinked for a second.

But that’ effectively what it was, I stopped and blinked for a second and then reflected on life here and the work that’s happening here.

It’ a big challenge for whoever goes in there, and that’s not something I wouldn’t be up for, but I’m enjoying life here. So, I just need to focus on this and make sure that’s where my energy I

When it happened, it was lovely, because people you work with and colleagues, external colleagues, put your name forward and say great thing about you.

That’ nice to hear because it means you’re being recognised for doing some good work. but I see my time in firmly at Hibernian. I don’t really see myself working in Scotland at another organisation in football outside this club.

If the truth be told, at a point in the future, I think every chief executive has their time. “But I don’t see an opportunity or an option to do anything else in Scotland, so that inevitably means my life will head somewhere else at a point in the future.”

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