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McKinlay follow follows Regan out the door

Image for McKinlay follow follows Regan out the door

Andrew McKinlay has handed in his resignation to the SFA- a week after it was announced that he would be taking on Stewart Regan’s role on a day to day basis.

McKinlay has been Chief Operating Officer at the SFA since January 2016 and is a strong supporter of the Ibrox clubs.

His departure furthers the power vacuum inside Hampden as they await a verdict from the Compliance Officer on why Rangers (IL) were granted a UEFA licence for the 2011/12 season despite owing HMRC £2.8m from the salaries paid to Tore Andre Flo and Ronald de Boer through the Discount Option Scheme.

Sevco finally admitted their guilt with those disguised remuneration schemes/scams although no punishment was ever handed out for fielding ineligible players.

With McKinlay joining Regan in exile the spotlight inside Hampden falls increasingly on Alan McRae and Rod Petrie.

Their positions could become untenable if the Compliance Officer finds against the decision to give Rangers (IL) their 2011 licence.

Although neither man was directly involved an epic fail costing other member clubs millions of pounds will surely result in further departures as the SFA is further exposed as unfit for purpose.

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