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The SFA in turmoil

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Stewart Regan was the headline name but underneath the shamed former Chief Executive there has been a virtual clear out of top names at the SFA.

Andrew McKinlay survived six days in Regan’s shoes before handing in his notice leaving the post of Chief Operating Officer to the growing Situations Vacant list inside Hampden.

With the less than dynamic Allan McRae as the current figurehead the SFA are getting close to free-fall with a number of senior positions unfilled or with new faces in place.

According to a report in The Herald: “Former SPFL chairman Ralph Topping was quoted in a morning newspaper saying that losing McKinlay after the recent departures of former head of communications Darryl Broadfoot, finance director Scott Lindsay – all of whom worked under Regan – would be the “equivalent of losing Neymar, Messi and Suarez”. “I think there would need to be questions asked about ‘why have so many skilled executives left?’”

Regan of course rejected the request from the SPFL to hold a wide ranging investigation into the actions of the SFA over the last decade.

His decision to avoid ‘raking over old coals’ was met by silence from the clubs but it looks like the SPFL are quietly pleased at the disarray their colleagues inside Hampden find themselves in.

Five months ago Regan passed the issue of the UEFA licence that Sevco were awarded in 2011 to the Copliance Officer, if he ever gets around to publishing a report there may be hardly anyone left at Hampden to blame for the decision.

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