Sevco snub fans plea to reduce Celtic tickets

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Stewart Robertson has told Sevco fans that the club needs Celtic supporters filling the Broomloan Road stand twice a season.

A run of three successive derby wins at Ibrox has sent Sevco fans to the depths of despair as 7,000 Celtic fans party inside their beloved stadium.

Most football fans accept that as part and parcel of the game knowing that they have the opportunity to return the compliment at their rivals home ground.

Over ninety minutes of singing from the visitors as they have their superiority complex crushed has been a painful aspect of Sevco rise to the top division without the tax dodges that the old club benefited from.

One fan decided to launch a petition to get the club to give Celtic the same allocation that other away fans receive and was given a meeting with Robertson to discuss the practicalities of such a move.

Using the hardcore Follow Follow message board to explain the position made for difficult reading for Sevco fans.

Reporting on the meeting the petition fan said: “I met with Stewart Robertson, and he is open to a) listening to the views of the fans and b) receiving a detailed proposal/documented recommendations from the greater fan base which will then be discussed and reviewed at the board meeting in June. This is now my ultimate aim.

SR has detailed 4 areas why he believes this view may not be accepted by the numbers we think it is (this is not based on any facts, just his and the boards views on possible downsides)

  • The numbers don’t stack up. Being a finance guy, this is a big priority for him. We get approx. £370k with the ‘visit’ from our delightful neighbours. The view should be that we should not be at a loss with any changes (whatever that may mean) that are made.
  • The risks associated with this are that he believes there is a risk that fans wont, on a long term committed basis sell out the full stadium at the same income as they provide us. I need to detail why this is a wrong assumption.
  • We are only doing this because they are ahead of us. Almost throwing the toys out the pram (not his words). Now, back when this conversation kicked off, we were miles behind….now….not so much. If the numbers stack up now, then this argument can be wiped out quickly.
  • A sizable chunk of the fan base want tickets for the opposite fixture. To me, this is the biggest challenge. As a board, I think they feel they will alienate/piss off less people by keeping a status quo.

Next Sunday, March 11, the Broomloan Road stand will be filled by 7,000 Celtic fans.

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