Date: 4th March 2018 at 8:10pm
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March 1994 is a period that no Celtic fan who lived through it will forget.

After months and probably a couple of years of campaigning the club was finally shorn of the Kelly and White dynasty that had run and almost ruined the club for 100 years.

Generations of fans had gone lived with the notion that the dynasties were untouchable and that was just the way that things were.

In truth however if it hadn’t been for Jock Stein’s arrival in 1965 Celtic may have been as relevant as Queens Park, Dumbarton or Renton to Scottish football in the later part of the 21st century.

Stein had shaken the club, driven success but 25 years after Lisbon the club was on it’s uppers, as far from success as it had been in the first half of the sixties.

After a long often bruising battle that has been well documented elsewhere the supporters had hope in the unlikely figure of Fergus McCann.

With a bunnet, a squint, a dodgy tash and mid Atlantic accent hope arrived at Celtic Park.

There was no magic wand, no short cut or tax dodges to success but success did come- after Lou Macari and Tommy Burns it fell to Wim Jansen to deliver the title up against the ‘brilliance’ of Dave Murray.

Jock Brown came and went, as did Three Amigos, Jo Venglos was in charge when McCann departed, handing the reigns over to Allan MacDonald who turned out to be as disastrous as the management team he appointed- Dalglish and Barnes.

The last 24 years have been as eventful as any period in Celtic’s history, McCann could never have guessed at how Scottish football would look but with the biggest stadium in the country and a strong boardroom the infrastructure for success was set.

Supporters will forever argue and debate the merits of McCann and other key figures but next to Stein no one has changed the course of Celtic’s modern history anything like the bunnet from Croy.

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