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Hartson takes on the Snow Angel challenge

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The camera angle was a bit more distant than it was for Rab Douglas as big John Hartson took the plunge for Beatson Charity.

Twitter went crazy on Friday night as the Welshman became the latest celebrity to take part in Snow Angel challenge.

Douglas set the snowballs rolling when he raced into his garden and launched his 6 foot 4 frame into the snow knowing that his illustrious team-mates wouldn’t be able to decline the challenge.

Hartson, Chris Sutton and Stan Petrov didn’t wait around as they made their splash with thousands of pounds being raised for the cancer charity.

Three days of the Beast From The East has certainly pushed folk onto social media with all sorts of weird and wonderful videos appearing.

Some sort of normality will be restored later today when Celtic face Morton in the Scottish Cup as more and more bizarre videos appear online.

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