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Break up of the Invincibles

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There is something not quite right about Celtic even though the team is just two wins away from a second treble.

Last season the team scored in every match but since losing 4-0 at Hearts in December there has been various stalemates with much of the magic gone from the players that excited last season.

Scott Brown and Kieran Tierney have more or less maintained their standards, and James Forrest too to a lesser extent but Brendan Rodgers will know better than anyone that a certain something isn’t there.

The Celtic boss is ruthless in most situations and won’t allow standards to slip any further next season with a fairly radical overhaul expected in the summer.

The Invincible season has set a new benchmark but it seems that perhaps sub-consciously a number of players have lost the hunger, desire and drive that characterised last season.

Contracts play a massive role in football these days with clubs loathe to allow anyone into their final season- just as players and agents like to keep their options open.

Rodgers will already know exactly what he wants his side to look like next season- it could be that players from the Invincible Season will be in the minority when season 2018/19 gets going.

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