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Hartson goes for blood

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John Hartson showed no mervy as a player and wants the current Celtic side to pile on the agony to Sevco on Sunday.

Graeme Murty’s squad have been wallowing in self pity over the last month after convincing themselves that they were putting in a challenge for trophies.

Reality came in back-to-back defeats from Celtic at Ibrox and Hampden but there is one more agony that the hoops can put the tribute act through.

There are already deep ‘Old Firm’ scars across the Ibrox squad but watching Celtic clinch the title and give it yee-har would be an experience few of Murty’s squad could recover from.

Writing in the Evening Times Hartson said: “Celtic in the position to go and win the title and rub the noses of their great rivals in it. In some ways it is great for Scottish football – it is getting a billing it deserves with monumental interest in the game.

I do hope, though, that it makes headlines for all the right reasons.

I have been a Celtic player walking out onto a bus outside of Ibrox after a game against Rangers and have boarded with an angry crowd chanting and shouting obscenities that I would not possible repeat here.

But if I was a Celtic player in that dressing room I’d be going all out to rub Rangers’ noses in it. It is professional football, winning is what it is all about. This is the chance for Celtic to go out and enjoy their coronation and why not? They’ve earned it.

Equally, though, if I was in that Rangers dressing room I would be absolutely determined that they weren’t winning it on my watch. It is your own personal pride. You are a professional football player and none of us cope well with losing. No-one likes to watch off a pitch having been humiliated, especially by your biggest rivals.”

In ten derby fixtures under Brendan Rodgers Celtic have won eight and drawn two with a 100% record at Hampden and Ibrox.

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