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Collymore wades in with confessions

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Stan Collmore has never been afraid to confront internet trolls.

The former striker has almost 900,000 followers on twitter and wades in with plenty of opinions rather than bland platitudes to and seaside pictures from his holidays.

While in Kiev for the Champions League Final he shared a picture with Henrik that brought an angry response from Ibrox fans.

Never slow on the uptake he quickly waded in.

Collymore freely admits to supporting as a teenager, growing up in an era where English adopted a Scottish club.

With as the jewel in the crown following on from Terry Butcher, Gary Stevens and it was natural that the flow of trophies to Ibrox held more appeal than the hard luck stories and fading history of Celtic.

A few visits to Ibrox where far right wing groups openly recruited opened his eyes to divisions within a city with his allegiances switching over to a more inclusive club where the openly capaigned against racism.

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