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Pena opens talks for his Ibrox pay-off

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Carlos Pena has opened talks on his Sevco pay-off.

The midfielder had his loan spell to Cruz Azul cut short due to indiscipline and has booked himself into a Rehab Centre for one month.

Having admitted to his problem Sevco will find it difficult to sack the player in the same manner as they got rid of Fran Sandaza after speaking to a rogue agent about a transfer.

Pena has around £3m in wages left on his contract which runs until June 2020 with his agent, Salvador Necochea opening talks about a pay-off.

It’s likely that £2m will be the starting point for negotiations with the player unlikely to be able to get similar terms elsewhere after the reputational damage of playing at Ibrox.

Speaking to The Sun Necochea said: “We are proud Carlos has taken this decision. It’s not easy to take the bull by the horns. He himself decided to take this option.

We are at the stage that this is the most important game of Carlos’ career.

He’s been in for ten days so far and we expect him to be in for a minimum of a month. He knows some of his actions have been unfortunate. He is aware of that.

Already some teams have expressed an interest in him because that they know Carlos is trying to resume his life and career.

We will communicate with Rangers to see if we can resolve the matter of the remainder of his contract.

Carlos wants to solve his issues and is committed to doing that. That’s the most important thing right now for him and his family.”

With twenty days to go on his rehab Pena won’t be at Murray Park for the start of pre-season training.

Whether his doctor thinks it is advisable to travel to Scotland is another matter for the player who blew his nose into Rangers shorts when he went for his Cruz Azul medical.

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