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Evidence mounts against SFA

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As the SFA counts down towards finally facing up to their decision to grant Rangers (IL) a licence to play in Europe for the 2011/12 season more damaging evidence is leaking out on line.

The Charlotte Fakes twitter account was the trailblazer as documents and recordings from Craig Whyte’s collection appeared online before being withdrawn- not before several internet bampots downloaded copies.

Evidence about the side-letters issued to players, denials sent to the tax authorities and other incriminating evidence all point to more than a decade of deceit.

Only the most naive would believe that it all flew over the head of football officials, even the most rank incompetent would easily be able to put the jigsaw together.

Neil Doncaster and Stewart Regan have both gone on record stating their surprise that the Ibrox club went into administration in February 2012- there is plenty of evidence on line of the critical state that the club was in with both men very much in the loop.

Craig Whyte’s trial last summer confirmed that everyone significant within Ibrox knew all about the £2.8m overdue tax bill.

Regan famously corresponded with Ali Russell of Rangers (IL) about the UEFA licence before being warned off about coming clean. A dinner was arranged with Whyte and Campbell Ogilvie to discuss ‘Armageddon’.

The Judicial Panel over the 2011 UEFA licence has an incredible amount of evidence highlighting the guilt of the club and failures of the SFA- coming up with a Bryson or Nimmo Smith get-out looks almost impossible to achieve.

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