Date: 9th July 2018 at 9:19pm
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Show Racism The Red Card (Scotland) appears to have become just another vehicle to criticise Celtic supporters.

After and the Aberdeen Evening Express decided to dredge up an incident that they had sat on for almost two months the nameless charity decided to get involved.

Scottish football is rife with racism, there are instances on an almost weekly basis. The incidents aren’t very trendy however and have been steeped in Scottish tradition for well over 100 years.

Anti-Catholic and anti-Irish issues require more than a card show, they may take decades to reduce or wipe out as the events in Glasgow city centre on Saturday demonstrated.

If SRTRC (Scotland) require a high profile case study they could contact Neil Lennon.

Rather than tackle real issues they have decided to back Shay Logan and called on the football authorities to investigate what happened at Celtic Park in May- a situation Celtic fans may welcome more than the player.

Despite the headlines trying to involve Brendan Rodgers STTRC (Scotland) had a rather low key message.

They told the Aberdeen Evening Express: “We fully support Shay Logan and will be asking the SFA and SPFL to investigate any claims of racism by Celtic supporters towards him.

We also reject any allegations that Shay Logan ‘brought it upon himself’.

There is NO excuse for racism and I am sure Celtic fans would be behind our zero tolerance approach to racism.”

No name was allocated to the quotes.

CLICK HERE to discover what the charity does in Scotland. Click on any of the headings and you’ll jump to their proper website based in England.

Time will tell how interested they are in the real racist issue in Scotland- or whether they just wish to collect grants and provide props for photo opportunities.