Date: 16th September 2018 at 9:26am
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have whitewashed the Janefield Street Crush.

Two weeks ago the lives of thousands of Celtic fans were put at risk as new segregation arrangements were put in use for the visit of Sevco.

Everything around the fixture was geared towards 800 mainly anti-Catholic and anti-Irish visitors who chanted their hatred under the noses of throughout the match without any action being taken.

Between Celtic, Police Scotland and GCC a revised security plan was put in plae that resulted in a much larger than usual number if supporters having to use the ‘tunnel’ area underneath the North Stand.

Despite having CCTV coverage of the area it seems that the volume of fans built up to dangerous levels before any action was taken.

However the Daily Record reports:

The Stadium Safety Group (SSG) – operated by Glasgow City Council – say they have been given assurances by the club and police that there will be no repeat of the terrifying scenes.

Perhaps finding the cause of the crushing, getting explanations from those that planned the event and ensuring that they are disciplined would be more reassuring that the old ‘lessons have been learned’ routine.

Five days after the incident Celtic announced that they had ordered an independent enquiry into what took place before the match.