Date: 16th September 2018 at 5:35pm
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Without quite realising it has walked into an absolute disaster of a movie- with even the using bent and corruption to describe the events at Hampden.

When the mainstream start to use the phrases of the bampots you know that something is far wrong.

The casual acceptance that decisions go in favour of clubs playing out of Ibrox has long been a feature of the Scottish game, sometimes smirked at in official circles and within the media.

For the best part of a decade the and SPL kept quiet about the strange contracts being registered by Campbell Ogilvie and Andrew Dickson. When HMRC started to investigate the scandal was growing too big to halt as the mantra of Armageddon and social unrest were unleashed to justify cheating.

Veiled and not-so-veiled claims of corrupt decision-making, allegations of perceived allegiances clouding judgments.

When your clubs don’t think the rules are being applied fairly by officials, then view the appeals procedure as bent at worst and lacking clarity at best, you have a problem. When your reaction to that problem is to magnify it, you have an even bigger crisis.

The Five Way Agreement of 2012 was a national scandal yet not ONE club in SFA membership has dared to request it’s publication even though Neil Doncaster is the last remaining architect of that deed of the dead.

Now some of those issues are boiling over, other clubs are suffering on the park as two sets of rules are applied every weekend- there is no other explanation for Alfredo Morelos, Allan McGregor, Mikey Devlin and Gary Dicker.

After contacting UEFA and attempting to explain the unexplainable with Friday’s statement there are signs that the SFA are crumbling.

Change isn’t an option, all those on the inside are part of the problem.

Last month in Uruguay FIFA sent in their own administrators to oversee a complete change in the FA that will see elections held in February 2019 to establish a new board.

Nothing less is required to restore faith in Scottish football.

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