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No SPFL interest in going Dutch

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There is no appetite among SPFL Premiership clubs to go Dutch and tear up plastic pitches.

This week the Dutch FA (KNVB) announced that part of the money clubs received from the Champions League and would be used to bring in grass pitches to replace artificial surfaces.

Three out of Scotland’s top 12 clubs play on plastic with managers and players regularly complaining about the quality of play at Kilmarnock, and with concerns also raised about the number of injuries picked up.

At Kilmarnock in February lost and to injury in the first half of a 1-0 defeat but there are no plans for changes among the leading clubs.

Speaking to the Daily Record an SPFL spokesman yesterday said: “ allow artificial pitches in their competitions. SPFL Rules follow this principle.

In the Ladbrokes Premiership, all artificial pitches are subject to rigorous spot-checks, to ensure that all artificial pitches continue to perform at Quality Pro standard throughout the season.

It is open to clubs to change the SPFL Rules in this area, should they wish. We have not received any such proposals from clubs to date.”

Next month have successive matches on plastic, at Livingston on November 11 and at on November 24.

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