Date: 28th November 2018 at 12:48pm
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Celtic TV anchorman Gerry McCulloch has hit out at the Police Scotland report criticising Celtic players for post match celebrations at the September Glasgow Derby.

On the eve of the AGM for the Rangers International Football Club AGM the Daily Record published selected details of the Police Scotland report.

Among the issues highlighted were the post match celebrations of the Celtic players who thanked their supporters for their backing.

This scene apparently caused some visiting supporters to rush to the front of their section endangering the safety of Billy in a wheelchair.

Following the Record report the issue was duly brought up at the AGM with the celebrations of the Celtic players described as ‘thug-like’.

Some might suggest that the whole issue has been co-ordinated by a former Daily Record football reporter keen to deflect attention from £14m of losses ad tomorrow’s court appearance on a Contempt charge.