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Gullible McAllister predicts Sevco spending spree!

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Gary McAllister believes that Sevco will be splashing the cash in January despite running up losses of £14m for the year to June 2018.

Since then Sevco have recruited a whole new team of players plus Steven Gerrard’s expensively assembled back-room staff.

Europa League football could bring in a gross £5m but with the higher wage bill including Carlos Pena, Eduardo Herrera, Joe Dodoo and Jason Holt out on loan costs have soared this season.

In the going concern warning issued by auditors Campbell Dallas mention was made about projections of profit from player sales but that seems to have escaped McAllister’s attention.

The manager operates under a budget, it’s not something I am party to but we’re in good hands and that side takes care of itself,” the Ibrox number two told STV.

“Throughout the season we have people here in recruitment who are looking to better the squad.

“Whenever anybody becomes available once the transfer window opens, we have to be in that market.

“We have to try and keep making this a better place for fans to come and watch better quality players.”

Interest in James Tavernier and Alfredo Morelos has cooled since the summer transfer window with no interest in anyone else in Gerrard’s squad.

Despite writing a £3m get-out clause into the contract that Josh Windass signed in February the midfielder was sold to Wigan for £1.8m.

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