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Lennon’s agent exposes Scotland’s Shame

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Neil Lennon’s agent has revealed the truth that Scotland’s doesn’t want to confront.

Last night the Hibs manager was struck on the face by a coin thrown by a Hearts fan.

Throughout the match the Hearts fans had subjected Lennon to the usual ‘banter’ that would never be tolerated if he had been Jewish, Moslem or black.

The Hibs boss has never been prepared to sit at the back of the bus or sell out for a bowl of soup.

As a young man he left Lurgan for Manchester, Crewe and Leicester where he enjoyed his life on and off the park, he enjoyed the trappings of being known around town and a salary that allowed him to indulge.

Life changed when he moved to Celtic in November 2000, to the self declared best wee country in the world.

Apologists have came up with various excuses to deflect from Scotland’s Shame.

It’s not because of his posture, his ginger or blonde hair or various other excuses put forward.

Lennon and others know the reason that large parts of the Scottish population detest him.

He’s not for changing, even in Lurgan things have been acknowledged and moved on, in Scotland the polite media and political classes pretend it doesn’t exist or that it’s a West of Scotland problem. It’s not.

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