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The Herald breaks rank with article on King’s prison threat

Image for The Herald breaks rank with article on King’s prison threat

The has broken rank with an article covering Dave King’ court appearance today.

Euphoria over the Gerrard Revolution and the company has provided an excuse not to cover a likely jail sentence for the South African based criminal on a Contempt charge.

Four years ago King and the three bears were buying up shares in the distressed company, despite warnings Mr King took their combined shareholding over the 30% mark which requires an offer to be made to those outwith the concert party.

True to form King has refused to comply, running up a lengthy legal bill in the process as he has tried every delaying tactic in the book.

Sevco have been protected from the story which has largely been the domain of obsessed bloggers, the sort of nutters that highlighted the business practices of Dave Murray, and Charles Green as they were celebrated by the gullible hordes.

Today The Herald warns:

Rangers chairman faces contempt hearing over court-ordered club shares bid failure

Today’ Contempt hearing isn’t bullying as King earlier claime, it’s the law of the land, the same rules that almost all of Her Majesty’s subjects live under and respect.

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