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‘D-DAY?’ For highly unlikely Celtic departure

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Today is apparently D-Day for clubs hoping to join Australia’s A-League.

On the surface it seems to have little to do with Celtic but according to some it could pave the way for Scott Brown’s departure!

Western Melbourne are hoping to gain a licence but according to some local reports they aren’t even the favoured Melbourne application to join the big professional league down under.

At the moment Western Melbourne are just a cunning plan that has gathered some attention by being linked to the Celtic captain.

They might not be an unknown club in an unknown universe but without a stadium or licence the chances are they won’t be seeing Brown anytime soon.

The Celtic skipper is out of contract next summer but has been happy to go on year by year deals over the last couple of seasons.

Currently Brown is out of the Celtic side, when his contract ends he will be 34 but despite the publicity and attention it’s long long odds that he’ll be at Western Melbourne next season.

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