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Former SPL chief Mitchell launches vile attack on Griffiths

Image for Former SPL chief Mitchell launches vile attack on Griffiths

has launched the sort of attack on Leigh Griffiths that even the Daily Record would think twice about before publishing.

The former chief executive appears to be launching a career as an online shock-jock as he trolls for attention from his base in Italy.

During his time in charge of the Mitchell didn’t notice that the record breaking transfer fee for Tore Andre Flo wasn’t matched by a record breaking contract registered by the old Rangers club.

While Celtic matched the top wages being paid in England to sign Neil Lennon and Chris the old club from Ibrox told the that they were paying Flo and de Boer half those rates.

As the established in July was topping up his stars wages through disguised remuneration schemes with millions piled into offshore trusts.

Mitchell seems keen to delve into gossip when it suits his purposes, he also claims to be a Celtic fan to add legitimacy to his views.

As Griffiths begins treatment for his issues the Italian-based former chief is giving credibility to the lowest of the low as they launch vile attacks on Griffiths, online and in the streets of Vienna as they come to terms with football outwith the reach of the SFA and SPL/SPFL.

Mitchell leads the purest of lifestyles with his contribution to Scottish football felt to this day as his successors try desperately to re-establish the Old Firm rivalry despite one of it’s key elements lying in the morgue known as Liquidation.

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