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‘Moving on’ former SPL chief comes under twitter attack

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Showing his complete lack of understanding of football rivalry Roger Mitchell has urged Celtic supporters to move on and concentrate on the current success of their team.

As chief executive of the SPL Mitchell looked at the token contracts registered for Tore Andre Flo and Ronald de Boer compared to the deals for John Hartson, Chris Sutton and Neil Lennon and decided not to say a word.

Had the then chief executive probed the issue the tax cheating of the old club could have been killed off at source.

Instead Mitchell decided to say and do nothing as a phony arms race built up driving Celtic heavily into debt to compete with a club playing to a different set of rules, recruiting and retaining players with the promise of millions being stashed away in off shore trusts out of the reach of HMRC.

Eventually it caught up on both clubs. Celtic had to reign in their spending to remain solvent, the old club from Ibrox lapped up the success and adulation but eventually after a raid ordered by the Metropolitan Police the tangled tax web inside Ibrox was unravelled.

Over a period of 13 months the old club from Ibrox was sold for one pound, went into administration and liquidation. HMRC lost out on millions, money that would have funded public services.

With a bat of his eyelids from his new base in Italy Mitchell wants everyone to move on, no investigation into what happened while people like Dave King, Andrew Dickson and Al Johnston to be involved in the decision making and legislation of Scottish football.

Perhaps Mitchell and others have something to hide?

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