Date: 13th December 2018 at 6:57am
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Brendan Rodgers has revealed that the intervention of senior Celtic players brought the Leigh Griffiths situation to a head.

On Monday afternoon he made an appearance with his team-mates at Yorkhill Hospital for Sick Children and appeared to be his usual bright, cheery self.

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Later on that day Griffiths was out of contact sparking concerns among some of his team-mates.

Rodgers is an advocate of the 24 hour athlete but also recognises the human side when the pressures get too much for even the highest of profile footballer.

A couple of the senior players rang me when I got to know about an incident that happened,” the Celtic boss told the Evening Times. “I was then able to act from there.

Yes, there was [an incident which brought things to a head], which points towards really needing help and support in order to make himself happy. He wants the help.

When you have these incidents – and it’s been ongoing over a considerable period of time – there comes a point when you recommend that this is what we do. But we will get an assessment of where he is at professionally then put a plan in place for him.”

No timescale has been put on when Griffiths will be back in the Celtic team with football taking a back-seat.

While taking him out of the public eye is clearly the right decision at the moment it would seem that getting him back into action- providing a focus- will form part of his solution.

Football has been a huge part of Griffiths’ life, as he deals with other matters having an escape valve in something that he excels in can be a vital part of his recovery.