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Sutton calls for top cop to be arrested!

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Chris Sutton has called for the arrest of the top cop that claimed celebrating Celtic players caused crowd problems at the September Glasgow derby.

Following news that Celtic have safety concerns about taking 800 tickets to Ibrox later this month the Daily Record published details of a Police Scotland report that partially blamed the celebrations of Celtic players for disturbances among away supporters.

Right on cue a disabled fan told The Rangers International Football Club AGM that their life had been put at risk by the thug-like actions of Celtic players enjoying themselves. Ibrox supremo Stewart Robertson reassured shareholders that there would be no repeat.

The report has been met with a mixture of ridicule, contempt and anger at the mindset among senior Police Scotland officials.

If Billy hasn’t got used to seeing Celtic beat his tribute act he should stay at home in Kilwinning, Larkhall or Bearsden and avoid the match.

Looking at the report ahead of possible celebrations at Hampden tomorrow Sutton told Daily Record readers: “If someone acts like an idiot, it’s because they are an idiot. It’s not because of a footballer waving his arms around in the air 50 yards away.

There are apparently now discussions about cracking down on post-match celebrations on the pitch. Well, here’s another discussion to have.

What about arresting the senior officer who came up with such a ludicrous piece of chat? Does that sound silly? Well, it’s meant to be because then it’ll match neatly with that police report.

At least at Hampden we’ll all be able to concentrate on something a bit more serious like a major final.”

Andrew Dallas will referee tomorrow’s match between Celtic and Aberdeen.

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