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Fantasist Simon Jordan given a Sevco warning

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pulled a halt to the Ge55ard hysteria on this morning.

Simon Jordan, the man who took Crystal Palace into before the club was rescued by Steve Church was paying his usual gushing praise to Sevco.

Jordan still can’t understand why ‘the put Rangers down’ which probably explains why creditors went unpaid at Palace as the boyhood fan got caught way out of his depth.

Fortunately for Palace fans there was a consortium waiting in the wings as they avoided the humiliation of being put into liquidation.

As Jordan was getting into his stride about how Gerrard had saved Scottish football piped in with a short sharp warning.

There is still problems there, let me tell you.

It seems that Jordan has ignored the going concern in the accounts, Dave King’ toxic reputation and the small matter of the South African based criminal having to come up with £19m for shareholders before the end of January.

That plus legal costs and damages to will ensure the end of this Ibrox dream, perhaps like Crystal Palace there may be a consortium waiting to run the company properly rather than as an ego trip. Then again there may not be.

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