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Michael Stewart hits out over ‘concern’ following Beaton whitewash

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Michael Stewart has called out the SFA over John Beaton with his comment attracting almost 1,000 comments on twitter.

The former Hearts and Hibs midfielder has established a reputation as the best Scottish based pundit by calling out incidents without an agenda or being under instructions from vested interests.

On BBC Sportscene on Sunday he was amazed that Alfredo Morelos escaped any type of punishment during the Glasgow derby for what appeared to be three red card offences.

SFA justice has been under question this season with some bizarre judgements but most cynics expected some sort of retrospective punishment for Morelos which would be open to appeal.

Yesterday the SFA whispered to trusted media sources that no action would be taken with the explanation being that Beaton had viewed all of the incidents. It’s unclear if it was three, four or five incidents that were reviewed.

With no action taken against Morelos in normal circumstances Beaton should expect some sort of punishment for failing to apply the laws of the game. In Scotland that seems unlikely.

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