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Celtic TV man joins Steve Clarke debate

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Gerry McCulloch has thrown his thoughts into the debate sparked by at his post match media conference at Ibrox.

All of a sudden a spotlight fell on Scotland’ shame as a native explained to a UK wide audience a very Scottish issue that is more than intolerance.

The boss had plenty of issues that he could have highlighted from the 90 minutes on the pitch but decided to venture into an area that makes many people uncomfortable.

By graphically spelling out the nature of the chants at Ibrox the news agenda was changed.

From London and showed an interest, TalkSport decided to dig a little deeper, the were even forced into commenting although it was typically bland and non committal inline with their approach over generations.

On Friday morning Clarke held a joint media conference with from Rugby Park, after a couple of days of talking and media outrage the cynical await any sign of real action while expecting the usual attitudes and standards to quickly resume.

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