Date: 27th March 2019 at 7:18am
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Serious moves are afoot to change the Champions League with three different factions at play.

FIFA are looking to involve 12 European clubs in their 24 team World Club Cup from 2021 with the initiative opposed by UEFA and the clubs likely to be involved, like most things in football a solution can usually be found if the price is right as recent pre-season tournaments have proved..

That issue was under discussion at the General Assembly of the ECA, European Club Association, in Amsterdam over the last two days as they discussed internal UEFA matters.

The ECA represents over 200 European clubs with a wide variety of opinion and desires about the future shape of European football.

Two main headlines have emerged from the Assembly with moves afoot for a ‘Super Champions League’ involving promotion and relegation with a separate push to switch fixtures to the weekend.

Celtic and Scotland’s interest appears limited to retaining the Champions Route for nations outwith the top four countries.

Reform of the Europa League could come in as early as next season but with FIFA looking for a slice of the money available from involving the top European clubs it seems that further streamlining of the Champions League is inevitable.

All of the discussion going forward seems to be geared towards satisfying the bigger clubs and nations which is bound to result in more pressure being placed to restrict access to the Champions League from elsewhere.

The solution seems likely to involve more guarantees for clubs from England, Spain, Germany and Italy with the Champions Route further restricted while the switch to weekend matches is held back for the next round of negotiations.

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