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League One boss joins in Brown bashing with classic ‘whataboutery’ failure

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Jim Duffy has launched a blistering attack on Scott Brown while admitting that the SFA have got it wrong by charging him with ‘not acting in the best interests of Association Football’.

After celebrating Saturday’s home win over Brechin City to take Dumbarton up to seventh place in League One Duffy put together his thoughts for The Sun providing a classic case of irony.

Opening up with a plea looking for the ‘whataboutery’ to stop he then spent the remainder of his time criticising Brown while making one flippant mention of Alfredo Morelos, completely ignoring the punch thrown by Ryan Kent and Andy Halliday running across the park to confront the Celtic skipper.

Duffy writes:

IT’S time for the whataboutery to stop.And it’s time for the Old Firm to start taking responsibility for their actions

Whether they like it or not there is an onus on them to try and behave themselves, before, during, and after derby matches.

Following last weekend’s clash at Parkhead two Rangers players and their manager have been banned, while Scott Brown has been cited for his actions at the end.

I think the SFA are wrong to charge the Celtic skipper — but that doesn’t make it right what he did.

He would have been well warned not to celebrate in front of the away fans and not to make any gestures at them.

Correct, Brown wasn’t in front of the away fans and didn’t gesture towards them. If he had Sky Sports and BBC Scotland would have been showing the footage constantly all week. There is no evidence for the claims being made on social media.

Once Celtic have had the charge on Brown dismissed they’d do well to turn their attention to those currently inside the game throwing around completely unfounded claims against their captain.

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