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The goading pictures that the SFA can’t ignore

Image for The goading pictures that the SFA can’t ignore

Less than a week after Scott Brown was cited for ‘not acting in the best interests of Association Football’ Clare Whyte has plenty to get involved with this morning.

Celtic have still to be given details of exactly what their skipper did wrong but since none of the conventional rules of the game were applied it can only be assumed that the charge relates to his post match celebrations.

Neither Sky Sports or BBC Scotland have any video evidence of exactly what Brown did wrong, the best that social media has managed to come up with is a couple of fan videos showing the midfielder in front of the Celtic supporters, at least 15 yards from visiting fans.

If the SFA Compliance Officer wishes to apply the rules consistently she can start with Daryl Horgan and Scott Arfield.

At Tynecastle on Saturday after equalising for Hibs the Irish internationalist slid on his knees in front of one of the Hearts stands.

A day later Scott Arfield was pictured with an arm raised and smiling as he peeled away from his first two goals against Motherwell.

If neither player is charged by the SFA this week they have just strengthened even further Scott Brown’s case against the trumped up charge thrown his way.

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