Date: 5th May 2019 at 12:19pm
Written by:

When the club that you despise is enjoying another trophy day it’ generally best to take your medicine, lie low and let things blow over for a couple of days, lick your wounds if you wish.

Unfortunately since the Survival Myth was given credibility basics such as points, league tables and arithmetic have become casualties to the deluded and those deep, deep in denial.

Being 12 points behind with three games left to play should be a time for reflection on where it went wrong, where your team fell short but not for the gullible, not a bit of it.

Unless a team is playing players recruited by illegal tax scams, over 36 or 38 matches the league table provides an accurate reflection, bringing into play the old claim that things balance out over a season.

, for the eighth year running have been the best team in .

Any group of can be examined, any run of form discussed but there is no getting away from the league table which again sows Celtic out on top.

Whatever happens at next Sunday won’t change anything nor will the close season signings and transfer talk.

Maybe this time next year Andy will have a better grasp of reality, maybe.